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  • Office setup and management
  • Work Setup and Management
  • Admission module
  • Fee Management
  • Agents/Sub-agents Management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for educational consultancy. We build the latest technology solutions for all educational consultancy requirements providing seamless and hassle-free organizing and management of work. Easiest ERP to Learn and Use Learning to use our ERP is just as easy as learning an Internet browser. This ERP uses the familiar point-and-click interface of today’s Web browsers to bring your data to your desktop with just a login away. Navigation is clear and consistent, enabling all users to move throughout the access allotted system without retraining.

The only ERP you need for totally simplifying your entire educational consultancy work. A management solution for a consultancy that is easiest to use, fastest to implement with the best results and can be completely customized based on the kind of requirement.As educational consultancy must do more with less in the face of mounting competition, shrinking budgets, uncertain futures and student demands for course admissions, BeeOrganized has a product that is the complete solution to organize and manage work.

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The Business Value of ERP

Our CRM Benefits offer the best in the industry right from Office setup and management to managing your agents / sub-agents without any hasel.

CRM helps you get to know your customers

Whether you and your team are in the office or on the field, our CRM can save and monitor all the associate work and customer interactions. With best Associate, College & Student Management, Sales and Profit monitoring.

CRM makes the most of your time

You can do so much using our CRM that will save you time. Get the highest productivity with proper sales CRM that manages leads and sales pipeline, sales engagement and complete automation of invoice generation and other features.

CRM lets you manage email effectively

Banishes the burden of generating invoices, emails and SMS based on customer/student interaction. Our CRM lets you build email, SMS and invoice templates that function automatically based on the kind of interaction.

CRM gives you big business power

You might think that services (such as product tracking and real-time quotes) and processes (such as analytic) are things only big companies with many employees can do. But our CRM can give you the power of a larger enterprise with ease.

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